~ Team ~

The Cocosurf team will take the time to welcome you and offer you the optimal formula according to your level and your wishes. Passionate about surfing, your instructors will work tirelessly so that everyone has a great time.


Emeritus and smiling surfer, Louise will make you progress at your own pace thanks to her energy and kindness.


Surf trips: Indonésia, Costa Rica, Guadeloupe, The Philippines, Peru, the Canary Islands, Pays-Basque, Gironde, Britany


Preferred drink: Coconut water, of course!


Certified Surf teacher, first-aider, Morgan with more than 20 years and more than 10 years surf teaching experience, from beginner to competitors in a fun and positiv spirit.


Surf trips : Costa Rica, Guadeloupe, Mexico, Morocco, the Canary Islands, Sri Lanka, The Philippines, Peru, Nicaragua, Senegal, Indonesia, Mediterranean Sea and everywhere in France.


Preferred Wave: a wave for him alone

~ La Côte sauvage Beach ~

Meet us in the car park of the most beautiful and unspoiled of the Pays Royannais beaches: the wild coast.


You can reach us by bike or by car, a few miles away from Ronce-Les-Bains or La Palmyre.


This beach offers adapted waves for each level : small waves at low tide, stronger at high tide.


Once your wetsuit is on, between 7 and 20 minutes of walking (depending on the spot) in the company of your instructors and their board cart will allow you to get to know each other and reach the beach.


You’re arrived and ready to surf!