~ Team ~

Great surfer with a big smile, Louise will welcome you and propose you the most adapted service, depending on your expectations and level.


Surf trips: Costa Rica, Guadeloupe, The Philippines, Peru, the Canary Islands, Pays-Basque, Gironde, Britany


Preferred drink: Coconut water, of course!


Certified Surf teacher, first-aider, Morgan have been surfing for 20 years and has 10 years surf teaching experience, from beginner to competitors.


Morgan will share his surf know-how in a positive, fun and peaceful spirit.


Passionate about teaching surf, he will give his best to make you progress.


Surf trips : Costa Rica, Guadeloupe, Mexico, Morocco, the Canary Islands, Sri Lanka, The Philippines, Peru, Nicaragua, Senegal, Indonesia,  Mediterranean Sea and everywhere in France.


Preferred Wave: a wave for him alone

~ La Pointe Espagnole beach ~

Meet us on the parking place of the most beautiful and wild beach in la Côte Sauvage: the Pointe Espagnole beach.


You can reach us by bike or by car, a few miles away from Ronce-Les-Bains or La Palmyre.


This beach offers adapted waves for each level : small and smooth waves at low tide, stronger and quicker waves at high tide.


Once you have put your wetsuit, a 15 minutes walk in the nature along with Morgan and his coco’s cart (surfboard cart) will allow you to get to know each over and to reach the beach.


You’re arrived and ready to surf!