Terms and conditions of sale and rules of the COCO SURF surf school



Article 1 – Registration


  • I have read and understood the general conditions of sale and rules of the surf school.
    and regulations.
    – The registration to the activities organized by COCO SURF implies the acceptance of the present rules.
    – The final registration to COCO SURF will be done on site with the completion of a complete form
    The final registration to COCO SURF will be done on the spot with the completion of a complete form including the elements of pre-registration as well as a parental authorization for the minors.


Article 2 – Payment


  • – The balance of the lessons must be paid at the time of booking or at the latest on the day of the first lesson.
    – COCO SURF surf school reserves the right to ask for a deposit.
    – Payment can be made by bank cheque, holiday cheque, cash or PayPal payment.


Article 3 – Cancellation of lessons


  • Cancellation or absence due to the client
    – More than 10 days before the beginning of the course: full refund
    – Between 10 and 5 days before the start of the course: collection of any deposit
    – 5 days before the beginning of the course or during the course: the full amount will be charged, no refund (except on presentation of a
    no refund (except on presentation of a medical certificate)
    – In case of cancellation due to bad weather conditions (no waves, red flag)
    The lessons that cannot be carried out will be, in agreement with the trainees
    – Replaced by an alternative activity (surfing technique, bodyboarding, water games, etc).
    – Postponed to a later date.
    – Cancelled and a credit note will be issued.


Article 4 – Responsibility of the structure


  • – The trainees will be taken in charge by COCO SURF and therefore under its responsibility at the time scheduled for the
    lesson. They remain under its responsibility until the moment they put away their wetsuit. The
    The civil responsibility of the structure concerning its trainees ceases outside these hours.
    – The parents or guardians of the trainees must make sure before entrusting the participants to the
    that the planned service is taking place.


Article 5 – Insurance


The participants certify that they are aware of the civil liability insurance cover taken out
by COCO SURF (the terms and conditions of which are described in the contract provided by the structure) and have
have been informed of their interest in taking out additional insurance cover in the event of physical injury
bodily injury occurring during the activities organised by COCO SURF (Law of 1984 modified).


Article 6 – Loss, theft and deterioration


COCO SURF School declines all responsibility in case of loss, theft or deterioration of objects which may be entrusted to it.


Article 7 – Image rights


By subscribing to the services organised by COCO SURF surf school, you authorise the latter to
to use the photos and films of your image made during your course, for the production of any publicity document
and this without any financial counterpart.
In case of refusal of the image right, please send your request to cocosurf.charentemaritime@gmail.com